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Mana Entertainment is a Non-Profit Organization founded by Tenelle Luafalemana to encourage, inspire and aid the shift of higher trajectory for younger creatives. Fueled by the dedicated desire to uplift the youths of tomorrow through creative direction and management services. Mana Entertainment is seeking to build a shared space for entrepreneurs to use as a meeting,music, film and event space.


What is Mana?  In Polynesian Culture it is believed that Mana is the Life Force Energy found within all living beings, places and spaces. It is the energy that powers our personal and collective healing, pulls us into our highest alignment and amplifies our inner guidance.


What is Mana Entertainment? Bringing the power of Mana through the sounds and performances of Polynesian Artists. Through creating a collective that will invigorate, form and pave the way for the generations to come while sustaining those that came before us.

Leaf Pattern Design
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